Sizeable order LAG tank trucks


With an order for ten tank trucks from LAG Trailers, SITRA opted for local reliability to ensure the high-quality transport of chocolate.

Sizeable order LAG tank trucks

Sizeable order LAG tank trucks

LAG Trailers from Bree in Belgium recently delivered ten tank trucks to SITRA. These semi-trailers with a load carrying capacity of 30,000 litres will be used for the transport of chocolate.

With LAG Trailers from Bree, SITRA opted for local reliability: LAG manufactures its stainless steel tanks in Bree and guarantees sustainable semi-trailers thanks to their expertise and accommodations. The tanks are compartmentalised into 4 compartments and are fitted with, amongst others, a heated pump installation to safeguard the quality of the chocolate. These trucks will give us greater flexibility.

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