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Specialist in logistical solutions for food products

With subsidiaries all across Europe, SITRA is your partner of choice for the national and international transport of goods. We transport and handle products in liquid, packaged or powder form within Europe and Russia and organise both inflow and outflow. Short or long-term goods storage is also an option.


2k semi-trailers and rolling stock




20k daily pallet movements


1.1k employees


100k m2 cross-docking

20 mln.

20 m km of ecological rail transport per year


SITRA always looks for the best solution to deliver your goods to their destination in optimum conditions. Throughout the journey you can count on:

A specialist in food products

A specialist in food products

Over the years we have asserted ourselves as the specialist in the transport of food products.

Innovative rolling stock

Innovative rolling stock

We invest continuously in new and safe rolling stock to guarantee efficient and reliable transport with every shipment.

Professional team

Professional team

Every single day our team of committed and experienced staff guarantees flawless and efficient transport.

Certified processes

Certified processes

We have our processes certified to show that we comply with all (inter)national regulations and standards.

Competitive prices

Competitive prices

We deliver your products to their destination under optimum circumstances. For every sector.

Leading family business

Leading family business

As one of the largest Belgian transport companies SITRA is also one of the top players in Europe.



Clever planning and an extensive network give us a great deal of flexibility, even at peak moments.

Long-term customer relationship

Long-term customer relationship

We implement a strict quality policy and we strive for long-term customer satisfaction through perfect service.

Sitra is also ...

Happiness at work

We are convinced that well-being is fostered by a positive work environment where people feel at home. After all, happy, productive and healthy employees are the foundation of a successful company. That is why we strive for happiness at work and 100% job satisfaction.

Health at work

Health and safety are always our primary concern. We make our employees aware of the principle of ‘mens sana in corpore sano’ by offering the necessary facilities and helping them achieve a healthier body and mind. We create a healthy and safe work environment, with special attention for workers and drivers.

Family commitment

Family culture is firmly ingrained in SITRA’s DNA. Some 1,100 enthusiastic colleagues interact with each other, the customers and stakeholders in a spirit of respect, gratitude and trust. By concentrating on good relations on a daily basis we are all contributing to the success story of SITRA.

Quality and certificates

A rigorous quality policy is part of our business strategy. More than ever, the customer takes centre stage and expects us to comply fully with the strict rules and regulations in terms of food transport and safety.


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