SITRA makes the difference

SITRA Group sets itself apart through an intensive training programme at the commencement of employment and through continuous in-service training at the SITRA Academy. At this government-approved training centre, which was established in 2017, our employees receive expert training and are coached throughout their career with regard to transport, safety and technicality. We make a difference by maximising safety on European roads.

We are always looking to hire motivated employees with a passion for transport and safety. Do you dream of becoming a truck driver? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sitra Academy is ... Happiness at work!

We are convinced that a positive work atmosphere contributes to a company’s success and to a happy work environment where people feel comfortable.

We help our employees develop their potential in a safe and healthy environment. This not only promotes a good team spirit but overall safety as well. We put safety above all else.

SITRA Academy is ... Investing in competencies.

People like to do things they are good at and it boosts their self-confidence. That is why we focus on training courses, from the moment you first join SITRA and throughout your career.

Drivers enrol in various training programmes and all employees are given the opportunity to take specific trainings.

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One team, one dream, one family!

Training is crucial for all employees, both when they are hired and throughout their career at SITRA. That is why we continually work to expand and optimise our SITRA Academy. Our drivers are our main target group but SITRA Kick-Off also introduces our office staff to the world of transport. This places even more emphasis on a company-wide approach because we find it important to always act and think across the various departments. Our motto is ‘one team, one dream, one family!’

Dominique Maelfeyt
Dominique Maelfeyt
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