SITRA Group, the reference since 1962

SITRA, a company with a story

The Sitra Group's success story began on 31 March 1962 when Robert Saelens founded Saelens Inter Transport in Geluveld in Zonnebeke. Martial and Frank Saelens, Robert's children, pursued the path of diversification. They were looking for specific niche markets and specialised in the transport of foodstuffs in various forms, both in Europe and abroad.

Since 1962, the Sitra Group has become the market leader in food logistics and is able to transport, store and process foodstuffs in all different forms. These include powders, liquids and pallets.

International player with substantial expertise

International expansion, joint ventures and a strategic takeover policy have made SITRA Group what it is today: an ultramodern transport company with solid ambitions for further growth. SITRA specialises in the transport and logistics of food products in all of their forms. From local artisans to international multinationals, we offer the best formulas available for every branch of the food sector.

Meanwhile we employ more than 1,000 staff and not only do we continue to invest in sustainable transport solutions for raw materials, we also strive for optimum collaboration with our partners.

If you enjoyed a good meal today, odds are the ingredients of that meal were transported by SITRA.

Sitra highlights


Establishment Saelens Intertransport

Establishment Saelens Intertransport

Establishment SITRA Kinshasa - D.R. Congo

SITRA Kinshasa is established in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Establishment SITRA France sas

SITRA France is founded in Sailly-sur-la-Lys

Establishment SITRA Nederland B.V.

SITRA Nederland B.V. is established in Rotterdam

Takeover Sabbioni Bologna (IT)

SITRA takes over Transport Sabbioni Bologna from Italy

Takeover Heine Douai (FR)

SITRA takes over Transports Heine from Douai

Takeover Dressen, Antwerp (BE)

SITRA takes over Dressen from Antwerp

Opening washing station in Sailly-sur-la-Lys (FR)

Washing station in Sailly-sur-la-Lys (FR) goes into operation

Takeover Binfurst BV from Barendrecht (NL)

SITRA takes over haulier Binfurst BV from Barendrecht

Takeover De Haan Zaandam (NL)

SITRA takes over De Haan Transport Zaandam

Takeover Giraud Paris (FR)

SITRA takes over Giraud Paris

Establishment SITRA United Kingdom Ltd.

SITRA United Kingdom Ltd is established

Takeover Marquis (FR)

SITRA takes over Marquis Transports from St Omer

Regrouping Dutch Companies and joint-venture

Takeover Ecologistic Wachtebeke (BE)

Ecologistic Wachtebeke is taken over

Establishment SITRA Germany GmbH

SITRA GmbH is established in Nürnberg

Establishment SITRA Yprus Ltd

SITRA Yprus Ltd is established

Establishment Litra Vilnius UAB

Litra Vilnius UAB is established

Establishment SITRA Poland Z.O.O. Wroclaw

SITRA Poland Z.O.O. Wroclaw is established

Foundation of Sitra Russia

Foundation of Sitra Invest, Ieper

Sitra Dover

Opening coldstore Dover (UK)

SITRA opens coldstore in Dover for the temperature-controlled storage of cargo

Opening cleaning station Panevėžys

SITRA opens a washing station in Panevėžys - Lithuania

Takeover Rutatrans Arras (FR)

SITRA takes over Rutatrans from Arras in the north of France

Establishment SITRA Romania SRL - Stefanesti

SITRA Romania SRL - Stefanesti is established

Head office

New head office in Ieper (BE)

New site in Moscow

Takeover Amerongen Kamphuis Barneveld (NL)

SITRA takes over Amerongen Kamphuis Barneveld

New logistics site Podolsk

Partnership Creafund

SITRA enters into a partnership with investment holding company Creafund

Takeover Ricotto (IT)

SITRA takes over Ricotto s.r.l. from Turin

Takeover Abbey Logistics Group

Sitra takes over Abbey Logistics Group from the United Kingdom

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