Sitra cleaning stations

SITRA Group has built cleaning stations in several strategic locations to offer its customers the benefits of a one-stop shop: one in Sailly-sur-la-Lys near Lille to service the north of France, the south of England and the Benelux; a second one north of the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius in Panevėžys for the Polish and Lithuanian markets; the third one is situated in the Russian city of Podolsk and targets Russia’s internal market.

These ultramodern cleaning stations can also be used by third parties. At the washing stations drivers can clean the inside and outside of their tank trucks, bulk trucks and IBC containers. Each cleaning station has 4 washing lanes equipped with collective fall protection. Experienced and well-trained cleaning personnel is available on site.

Our FOOD cleaning stations comply with the highest standards: APLICA (EFTCO), ISO 9001, SQAS detergents and disinfectants are food safe (FOOD grade), kosher and halal certified, drying with filtered air (+80°C), visual inspection and various tests after cleaning: ATP, Millipore test, 3M(TM) rapid allergen test, peracetic acid test, pH, … After cleaning SITRA issues a European Cleaning Document (ECD).

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