Sitra crossdocking

Crossdocking, efficient transport without storage

Many companies are interested in crossdocking due to declining shipment volumes and short lead times. To cater to this growing demand SITRA Group has installed two crossdocking stations: one in Barneveld, the Netherlands, and the other in Dover, England.

Whereas Barneveld is the gate to Germany, Scandinavia, Poland and the Baltic States, Dover is ideally situated for transport to and from England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Moreover, our Dover site has its own customs service to process incoming goods as effectively as possible.

How is the crossdocking process organised?

Employees transfer cargo from an incoming truck to the dock of the outgoing trailer with no storage in between. As a result, shipments typically spend less than 24 hours in the crossdock, sometimes even less than one hour.

Advantages of crossdocking?

  • More efficient transport
  • Flexibility: we create the ability to combine orders
  • Environment-friendly: we optimise routes
  • Higher transit of products from the food and retail sectors
  • No cost for the management of goods
  • Better customer service

Cold stores

Our cold stores handle and process fruit and vegetables, dairy, food additives and frozen products. Thanks to two cold store facilities in strategic locations - in Dover (England) and in Barneveld (the Netherlands) - we can offer our customers the best possible service. Our cold stores are BRC and IFS certified.

Are you looking for a suitable transport solution? Let us identify the optimum solution!

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