Customs service

Through our AEO certified customs department, we can act very quickly and efficiently. Sitra has a team of experienced and motivated people ready to help its customers as much as possible.

Because Sitra imports and exports goods on a daily basis, it is important that everything is well attuned to each other in order to guarantee a smooth flow of goods. Depending on the destination and the goods, we can temporarily store goods ourselves. Thanks to a high-performance IT system, our customers benefit from extra fast handling. As a result, there are fewer physical checks, less chance of loss, faster transport, and a good relationship with customs and other government agencies. If you would like extra information about these activities, please feel free to contact us.

Sitra also offers ocean and sea freight, with custom handling, all according to the customer's needs. Because of our experience and large network we can offer an optimal service, at a market conform price.

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