Sitra always looks for the best solution to bring your goods as cost-effective as possible to their destination. This can be done by road transport, but just as well via multimodal transport. Multimodal transport means that goods reach their destinations in containers via various modes of transport; by road, by rail and/or via water. Sitra has developed a strong multimodal network for container transportation (rail-road, shortsea). We are present at strategically important locations throughout Europe. Sitra is the unique contact point for the entire route and is responsible for the overall transport.



Sitra has a storage capacity of 40.000m² for its clients. Sitra is becoming an increasingly important link in our customers’ logistics. For many of them we take care of the storage of stock and the associated transportation of the goods. We are considered an esteemed partner for our customers who provides reliable total solutions for transportation.


The SITRA GROUP has 2 of its own washing stations. One in northern France, in Sailly-sur-la-Lys, near Lille, and a second one in Panevezys, north of Vilnius in Lithuania. These ultramodern washing stations are available to third parties. You can be accommodated there for the internal and external cleaning of tank trucks, bulk trucks and containers. These washing stations have 4 washing lanes, equipped with a collective fall protection system. We have experienced and well-trained cleaning personnel.


The transport by Sitra plays an important role in the production. The punctuality of just-in-time deliveries is crucial for continuity in the production process. Our customers can significantly save in stockage costs by appealing to Sitra.