Brief history

The success story of the Sitra Group began on 31 March 1962 when Robert Saelens founded Saelens Inter Transport in Geluveld at Zonnebeke. Martial and Frank Saelens, Robert’s children, pursued the way of diversification. They specifically searched for niche markets and became specialized in the transport of food products in various forms. A good choice, so it seemed, certainly in the face of the rise and fall of the demographic evolution. When you eat something today, it is most likely that the ingredients of your meal have been transported by Sitra.

3rd Generation

Meanwhile, the third generation of the Saelens family has made its entrance into the company. They also ambitiously pursue the further expansion of the company. Sitra has been focusing on Eastern Europe ever since 1998. We have built up a solid reputation in Russia in recent years; a property that global companies, like Coca-Cola, know how to capitalize on.

Ready for further Growth!

By means of international expansion, joint ventures and a strategic acquisition policy, Sitra Group has become what it is now: an ultramodern transport company with strong ambitions to grow further.

Food Products

At Sitra we specialize in the transportation and logistics of food products in all their forms. Our customers include producers and consumers of chocolate, sugar, starch, yeast, salt, gluten, flour. As well as the industry for dairy, meat, industrial bakeries, oils, frozen foods, fruits and vegetables.