Sitra Group joins forces with Amerongen Kamphuis

Sitra has acquired Dutch Amerongen Kamphuis.
The acquisition, which ties in with Sitra’s growth strategy, was finalised this week. This synergy will create new opportunities, both for our customers and for our employees.

Press release Sitra and Amerongen Kamphuis

Sitra invests in blind spot camera – courses at the Lyceum and Heilige Familie Ieper

Sitra reduces the number of blind spot accidents with trucks and arranges periodical demonstrations at numerous schools.

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SITRA orders first Belgian Tesla semi

Sitra is the first Belgian transporter to invest in the new electric Tesla, the Tesla Semi.

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Sitra orders 100 new DAF XF tractors

The West-Flemish transport company Sitra approaches DAF once again for supplying a series of new tractors. The family business from Ypres with offices in various European countries is a specialist in the national and international transport of foodstuffs.

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New website Sitra

We will gladly load, transport and unload your goods to and from all over Europe. In addition to our main office in Ypres, we have companies in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, UK, Poland, Lithuania, Romania, Moldova and Russia.

Safety on the road – elementary school “de ooievaar” in Poelkapelle

On Wednesday 14th June, the schoolchildren of the 3rd to the 6th grade of the elementary school “De Ooievaar”  in Poelkapelle attended classes and received explanation regarding blind spot accidents with trucks.
The children first received theoretical lessons in the class and afterwards practical explanation in and around the truck.
With these periodical demonstrations at numerous local schools, Sitra hopes to reduce the number of blind spot accidents significantly.

Sitra in “De Redactie” on the VRT

Sitra in a report on the VRT

Link: De Redactie Reportage

120 Actros trucks make their appearance in the vehicle fleet

Recognized Mercedes-Benz dealer Vereenooghe, from Roeselare in Belgium, recently handed over the keys of the first Mercedes-Benz Actros to Sitra.

The brand with the star thus entered the vehicle fleet of the West-Flemish national and international transporter that specialises in the transport of foodstuffs and nutritional goods. In total, no less than 120 tractors strengthen the Sitra ranks.

Sitra sells chemical transportation to Den Hartogh

Sitra Group sells all liquid bulk activities for the chemical industry to the Dutch Den Hartogh Logistics group. The Ypres group wants to concentrate on the transport of food products with tank trucks.

Both companies have communicated this. According to David Saelens, the CEO of Sitra Group, the activities for chemical logistics will be able to evolve better with Den Hartogh at the wheel and the employees will also find ‘a warm nest’ there. The transaction foresees that 19 people will be transferred from Sitra to Den Hartogh.

Sitra on Manager TV

Sitra Group, as a national and international transport company, mainly focuses on the transport of foodstuffs. In addition to the head office in Ypres, the group has companies in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, England, Poland, Lithuania, Romania, Moldova and Russia.

Sitra endeavours for an optimal customer satisfaction and uses a strict quality policy in that context, based on a flawless service. As a 100% family business, it combines the typical West-Flemish flexibility with the capacity of a large company.

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Sitra in Jobat

The new office building of transport company and logistics service provider Sitra Group is currently being established in Ypres. If all goes well, the ninety administrative employees can move in there in October. Sitra has ambitious plans and wants to double in size by 2020.

Link: Artikel in Jobat

Sitra Group expands site in Ypres

Sitra Group has solid ambitions in the international transport world. The specialist in the transport of foodstuffs is therefore setting up new office buildings in Ypres.

Sitra confirms mono-brands policy: 100 new LAG trailers

Transport company Sitra starts the year in a soaring way. The Belgian company already had a strong 2014 thanks to investments in, amongst others, Euro 6 engines and new office buildings.

Now there is a sequel to these successes in collaboration with LAG Trailers. The company currently has 100 trailers on order from the manufacturer from Bree in Belgium.

Sitra on Transport TV

Sitra in a report of Transport TV.

Link: Youtube film Transport TV

Large Series LAG Tank Trucks

These trailers, with a capacity of 30.000 litres, will be transporting chocolate. The transport company from Ypres has already been ordering a whole series of stainless steel tank trucks and bulk trucks from LAG Trailers since 2008.

50 years Sitra

When Robert Saelens founded the modest Saelens Inter Transport in the quiet Westhoek exactly 50 years ago, the man had no idea what size his company would reach half a century later.

Nine branches later, with grandsons David, Dieter and Nicolas, the third generation has now entered the business. A conversation about the ups and downs of the international transport market, about the past and about the future of the West Flanders transport multinational.

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Sitra in Het Laatste Nieuws

A volunteer team from Transport and Logistics Flanders, a professional association of companies involved in transport and logistics, came to educate the children from the third to the sixth grade of the municipal primary school Bikschooltje in Bikschote about trucks in traffic on 22 May.

Sitra Nv from Ieper went to the Bikschooltje to do this.

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